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The word Pandora means many things, but on our website, we refer to pandora, as pandora jewelry.  First of all, tell you that maybe on our website you find some Pandora jewelry stock promotion.

Pandora is a Danish manufacturer of jewelry.  The company was founded in 1982 and sells its products through 10,000 stores in 55 countries.  It is therefore the 3 largest jewelry company in the world, after Cartier and Tiffany.

The success of Pandora has been its products:

  • The beautiful pandora charms: They have a variety of 400 different items, made with materials such as sterling silver, gold, wood and Murano glass.
  • The pandora jewelry rings: They have a variety made with gold or sterling silver.
  • Pandora earrings: Made with sterling silver, gold or genuine stones.
  • The Pandora bracelets: Made with sterling silver, leather, gold or cotton, with the possibility of embellishing with different pandora charms.
  • Pandora pendants: Made to combine with pandora charms, they are made with sterling silver, gold and other materials.

Pandora jewelry’s collections

Usually every year, Pandora brings out a new collection of beautiful pandora charms and pandora jewelry with different designs.

Right now Pandora has launched the new pre-fall season, which stands out for the importance of symbology. In 2009, Pandora made 45% of its turnover in the Americas, 35% in Europe and 20% in the Asia-Pacific region, sales of personalized bracelets and charms represent 81% of the figure of business. Pandora’s jewelry has become a gift item, because the bracelets can be completed with different Charms. That is why they are an ideal gift for any occasion, being a very demanded jewelry.

Pandora jewelry and Disney

It has a Disney section that is very sought after, because the Pandora Disney charms are highly coveted as collector items. That is why people usually look for everything related to the previous year as pandora promotion 2017, or pandora 2017.

Even the people of the United States are looking for promotions in other countries. Where shipping costs are not very high because they are very close, and have good commercial relations. Countries like Canada, for that reason, it is usually looking for pandora canada promotion 2017.

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Competitor of Pandora, Thomas sabo

Another highly demanded jewelry manufacturer is Thomas sabo. It has jewelry for men and women. thomas sabo jewelery is very demanded by a sector of society that wants to differentiate itself. That’s why thomas sabo necklaces for woman are in high demand. Thomas sabo also has collection charms. That’s why he has created the charms club of Thomas Sabo. Thomas Sabo is more ambitious and has perfumes, pendant, beads, bracelets, rings, earrings, earrings, watches, cufflinks and chains. Thomas Sabo is jelwery for men and for women. However, Pandora is still the leader in terms of bracelets and collection of charms.

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  • high-quality charm bracelet made of 925 sterling silver
  • charm club bracelet with lobster clasp perfect for charm pendants
  • thomas sabo is designing expressive, trendsetting jewellery and watches for women and men
  • this fashionable bracelet offers infinite combination possibilities with charm pendants of your choice



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