Do not you know India? Have you never been to India? Well, from here we will try to help you to know this incredible country.

Our experience in India was wonderful. Do not confuse, India is a humble country, it is not a poor country. It is a country with a large population, that have no much money to live, but they do not go hungry, and above all, they are happy. Maybe religion or its spiritual retreats, contribute a lot to that happiness. That is a reason that India is now a travel directory for Yoga vacation retreats.
Something that surprised us a lot during our trip to India was that they are always smiling, and that everyone has a perfect white smile.  Despite the obvious lack of generalized hygiene measures. How is it possible that without having hygiene measures, have perfect teeth? The answer we found is due to the food in India. Indian cuisine barely uses sugars, and that is the main reason that they maintain their dental hygiene in a natural way.

Curiosities about India

Now some curiosities about India that perhaps nobody has told you.

  • India is the seventh largest country in the world by surface but it is the second most populated.
  • Because of this, this country can be considered the greatest democracy in the world. Almost a total of 1.2 billion people participate in the management of India through their votes.
  • In India, an electoral ballot box in the jungle has been enabled for a single voter since 2004.
  • Each year, more than 100 million people gather around the Kumb Mela festival. It is the largest concentration of people in the world.
  • The Hindu calendar has two seasons more than the western one. In addition to spring, summer, autumn and winter; the monsoon season and the pre-winter season are added.
  • It is illegal to take the currency of India from its territory. Beware of saving a few rupees of remembrance!
  • In the Indian district of Madhya Pradesh, extra pay is given to policemen who let their mustaches grow. It is the equivalent of about 20 US dollars.
  • Indians have the lowest rates of meat consumption per person in the world.
  • In India there are more mobile phones than toilets.
  • In the Indian region of West Bengal, the cows must carry with them a photo ID card.
  • 70% of the world’s spices come from India.
  • India has more population than the entire western hemisphere of planet Earth.
  • In the Golden Temple of Amritsar (border with Pakistan) vegetarian meals are served to 100,000 people a day, regardless of race, religion or social class.
  • In 1954, a group of archaeologists discovered a statue of Buddha in a viking settlement of the eighth century.
  • India is expected to be the most populous country by 2050. If it continues, its population could add that of China and the United States together.
  • India is now one of the better places for Yoga vacations retreats.

India Travel Guide

What to see in India? The main tourist destinations in India are Jaipur, Dheli and Agra. This is not a travel directory, but it can help you to know something to see in India


Jaipur is the capital of the State of Rajasthan. This city is what they call, the city of palaces. The city is called the “Pink City” because in a visit of the Prince of Wales to India, they painted the whole city pink, since then that color is considered as a gesture of hospitality in the country. The whole city is built with plaster walls, so it was possible to paint and then maintain that color. It gives more colorful to the already colorful India, since it still continues like this.

One of the most beautiful things in Jaipur is its Water Palace (Jal Mahal), built in the center of Lake Man Sagar. The lake was not so deep when it was built, but the construction of dams has raised the water level so much that only the last plants remain on the surface and submerged there are other 4.


The city of Agra is famous for hosting the Taj Mahal, but this city was the capital of the Mughal Empire, so there are large amounts of heritage to be known. A thing of Agra worth seeing, is the Red Fort of Agra or Lal Qila, a great walled fortress that then inside is full of palaces. A really impressive group, but that is not as popular, not even far, as the Taj Mahal, its neighbor. The reason that there are so many palaces inside the red fort, is that the emperors were polygamous, so they built a palace for each of their women, so they are very large monuments, full of different palaces. All this was done in the sixteenth century.

The Taj Mahal is the symbol of India, in fact this country is called the “taj country“. Taj Mahal means the palace of the crown. We all know the history of the monument in a rough way, it is the tomb of a Mogul emperor to his deceased wife, the details that the wife died when she gave birth to the son number 14 and the emperor hurt him so much that he organized a contest so that introduce you to projects to do something spectacular. The winner was a Persian (Turkish) architect and it took 22 years to build it, working 21,000 people. When he finished it, the emperor left the city, which was the capital of the country, because the monument was very beautiful and reminded him too much of his lost wife.


It is a city of great contrasts, great monuments, great buildings and then streets of shanty towns, decrepit buildings and thousands of people living in the street. But that also makes it a fascinating place. Its where you can find more places for Yoga vacation retreats. 

Delhi, officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a state of India. It contains the city of New Delhi, which is no longer a distinguishable urban area but contains most of the administrative institutions of the national government and is formally considered the capital.

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